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Locally Grown Boxed Organic Hass Avocado Trees


Our nursery offers organic hass avocado trees in 24”, 30” and 36” boxes.

Located on 16 acres of beautiful land in the foothills of Santa Barbara, CA, Rancho La Paloma opened in 2008, started by Michael Casey. Michael had a vision to grow the best avocados that Santa Barbara had to offer. Rancho La Paloma sits on a 16 acre parcel of beautiful untouched land in the foothills of Santa Barbara. The ranch is certified organic to USDA regulations by the National Organic Program as well as the CDFA State Organic Program and is a local, family run business.

While our avocados are sold wholesale, we offer boxed avocado trees for sale to the general public.

The Trees: All of our nursery trees are Clonal Haas on Dusa root rot tolerant stock, perfect for Santa Barbara and the surrounding area's climate. Trees are offered in 24". 30". and 36" inch boxes, (60, 116, and 200 gallons, respectively). The trees are 4-6 years old and are certified organic and already bearing fruit.



1315 San Marcos Pass Rd. Santa Barbara, CA 93111



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Boxed Tree Prices

24" Boxed Hass Avocado Tree

30" Boxed Hass Avocado Tree

36" Boxed Hass Avocado Tree

Delivery to Santa Barbara, Goleta,
$50 per 24” tree $75 per 30” tree
Delivery to Montecito
$75 per 24” tree $100 per 30” tree
Delivery to Carpenteria available upon request



• We suggest planting on a slight incline for good water drainage, if planting on flat ground, build a mound at the base of the tree, around 10” high for better water drainage.

• Dig a hole 3/4 size of the box

• Remove the bottom of the box

• Cut the metal wrapping and remove the wooden box from around the tree

• Place the tree in the hole and fill the hole in with soil/dirt around the tree

• Make sure that there is at least 3 inches of trunk showing above the elbow of the trunk. (basically make sure that the soil doesn’t go above where it is on the trunk while still in the box)


• After Planting slowly leave water dripping for about 20-30 minutes each day for three days

• After that, water approximately every 5 days for 20 minutes a day. Water according to the soil. Allow the soil to dry out slightly between waterings. Adjust watering schedule based on weather temperatures and rainfall.

• The trees are self pollinating

• Planting flowers near the trees will attract bees to further pollinate the trees.

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Rancho La Paloma

1315 San Marcos Pass Rd. 
Santa Barbara, CA 93111